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Hall of Night – Emma Miles

Hall of Night, the brilliant sequel to Hall of Pillars, by Emma Miles is published today, and to help celebrate that, I am delighted to share with you all a conversation I had with one of the star players in both books, Feather the Brownie. We recently caught up for a stroll in the countryside, and this is what he had to say.

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You are known for your love of bread and honey, but what would your absolute favourite food be?

What could be better than bread and honey, my girl? They do make a lovely sweet in Ashgrove in the autumn. They slice up apple nice and thin, dip it in spices, then fry it in nut oil. That’s rather scrumptious. And then, of course, there’s chocolate which I discovered when visiting the mortal realm. It’s a shame we can’t import a bit of that from Astol!


You have visited many places on your travels, but which of these is your favourite?

I think the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen is the Silent Valley. The views were stunning. Forests, mountains, waterfalls. It was a rather scary place to be at the time though. But the best place? Our little cottage in Briarton, my home.


Is there anywhere that you haven’t visited yet that you would like to see?

Well Caelin’s tale got me quite intrigued about the land of the Horse Lords. I’ve never met a centaur. There are so many places to see though, especially when you can also sneak through into another realm. I hear the mortal realm is huge!

If you had a day free of danger, and didn’t have any chores to do, how would you spend the day?

It’s very hard for a brownie not to find chores to do! Mya and I do like to take walks and explore though – just as I’m doing right now! There are always new things to see and new friends to make. The wilds used to be terrifying for a little fellow like me, but I’ve come to love wandering the wilds. It’s much better with company though.

Do you have any hidden talents or party tricks you could share?

Well I can’t be showing you my magic now, my girl, it’s against all the brownie rules. I can stand in plain sight and not let you see me, I guess that’s a trick of sorts. I can make a piece of honeycomb disappear!

Ha ha. It was lovely to meet you, my girl, but it’s a long way back to Astol and the pass back to my Valley so I’d best be on my way. Safe travels to you.

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If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of Hall of Night, you can buy it here.



Hall of Pillars – Exciting News

Hopefully you will all remember that when I revealed the cover for Hall of Night by Emma Miles, I said that there would be exciting news for anyone who hasn’t already read Hall of Pillars. Well, the time has come for me to share that news!

From now until Hall of Night releases on 18th November, the ebook of Hall of Pillars is free to order from Amazon!!!!

You can place your order here and believe me, you won’t want to miss out on this great book! Here is the blurb if you want more information.

Their only hope for survival is a heart poisoned by vengeance. 

For years humans have fought to survive in the Valley; enfolded by impassable mountains and protected by the Vallier and his loyal Spellwards. But the magical Ward which holds back the fey is failing and fear stalks through the great city of Ayresport. 

Like many, shy Mya has learned to survive on the edges of the wilds outside the protection of the Ward. As the time of her orphaned nephew’s coming of age draws close, Mya is filled with both pride and fear. There is every possibility Jack has the Gift of Magic like his mother, and Mya knows the Gift means death.

A chance meeting leads Mya to an unbreakable friendship that will sustain her soul through the hardest of times, but will courage be enough to keep her and Jack alive? 

When a traitor comes looking for Jack, there is only one choice. Flee, or die.

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Hall of Night – Cover Reveal

As you will know, I am a huge fan of Emma Miles, and as such I am delighted to be helping out with the cover reveal for her latest book, Hall of Night, Book 2 in the Valley of the Fey series.

Before you get to see the cover, here is the blurb:

It will take more than friendship, courage or love, to save them this time.

Feather and Mya had fought hard for their peaceful life, defeating a Dark Fey queen so the people of their valley could be free; so, they could put their feet up in their quiet cottage at the end of a day’s work…

Of course, things won’t stay that way long for Mya and her faithful brownie friend. When visiting the Beltane fair in the wondrous tree city of Ashgrove, they hear rumours of horns, rumours of hoofbeats, rumours of slaughter. The Gentry are coming.Once again Mya and Feather must team up with the Wild Fey and the surly knight, Caelin, to defend the home they love; whilst her nephew, Jack, struggles to bring unity and order to the human city of Ayresport who refuse to accept the fey.

Only if they unite, will they survive.

I am so excited about this book, and I can’t wait for you all to read it. In the meantime, here comes the fabulous cover!

Hall of pillars two 1 FONT

If you like the sound of this book you can pre-order it here. If you haven’t read Book 1, Hall of Pillars, yet, stay tuned for an announcement coming up in just a few days.