NaNoWriMo 2019

Oh my goodness, how is it this time again already! Once again, despite all the reminders, NaNoWriMo has managed to sneak up on me, and I am kicking today off completely unprepared. I would like to think that this is the year that I complete the 50,000 words, but realistically, that isn’t going to happen! Instead, I am declaring as a pantser and a rebel with a plan all of my own for this year.

I recently signed up for the Fairies and Fairy Magic diploma through the Centre of Excellence – I am part way through the first module and it is absolutely fascinating and I am learning so much of value for WIP1, which is going to be the focus of this year’s NaNo (although WIP2 is currently throwing a fairly epic tantrum at being ignored). My current plan for NaNo is to spend at least an hour each day studying this course, with my trusty Scapple file open ready to add ideas to as they come to me. I also want to use what I learn to add at least 15,000 words to my WIP – how hard can 500 words a day be, right?


I am excited for this year – I have my buddies set up on the NaNo website, and support from two brilliant Facebook writing groups. I am hoping that the group enthusiasm (and my competitive nature) will keep me focused and on target all month.

Who else is joining me this year? Are you a planner or a pantser? A rebel or an old school wrimo? Whatever your plan is, let’s all cheer each other on this year!


Camp NaNo – Week Three

So the observant among you have probably noticed that there has been no Week Two update published. That is for the simple reason that Camp NaNo has gone completely out the window for the past week and a half. Why is it that people seem to know when you are trying to set aside time to complete a plan and always come along and throw a spanner in the works!


As things stand, I am approximately twelve days behind schedule on the courses I wanted to complete this month, two books behind on my research, and don’t even get me started on the world building that I was hoping to get done – my world is still very much in my head!

However, I am determined not to be defeated. We are only half way through and I have a delightful long Easter weekend ahead of me where if all goes according to plan, I will be locking myself in my study and not emerging (except to retrieve the Easter chocolate stash) until I am fully back on track. By this time next week, I want to be fully up to date.

Wish me luck folks!


Camp NaNo – Week One

Here we go – it’s time for the first camp of the year. For anyone who doesn’t know about Camp NaNo, you can read more about it here.


  • Project set up – check
  • Notebooks and pens – check
  • Coffee – check
  • Snacks – check
  • Cabin mates – hell yeah!

Once again, I am bunking up with my fellow Fiction Cafe writers and we have been busy prepping and swapping notes for the past few weeks now. I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support group in my corner.


The thing with camp is that anything goes, and as such I find it so much more chilled and less stressful than November NaNo. Because anything goes, I have set myself a target based on hours rather than word count because I am officially making the switch from pantser to planner. Up until now, I have attempted to just write and see where the story takes me, but I have come to the conclusion that my current WIP needs some serious world building, and so I am going to use the Spring Camp to do just that. Here is the plan:-

  • Week One
    • Complete fantasy writing course
    • Read at least one of my many research books
    • Complete my human character profiles
  • Week Two
    • Complete beginners world building course
    • Read a second research book
    • Develop my human world
  • Week Three
    • Start in depth world building course
    • You’ve guessed it – read another research book
    • Start work on my non-human character profiles and non-human world
  • Week Four
    • Complete in depth world building course
    • Keep reading
    • Complete non-human character profiles and non-human world building
  • Week Five (two days)
    • Review profiles and world building to start organising scenes and plotting the action

I am aiming for at least 30 hours of work over the month, but I am hoping to achieve more than that. I have a feeling that my non-human development could be a whole rabbit warren, never mind the rabbit hole! I’ll be coming back to update you each Monday. If I go quiet, please send help – and also, chocolate!

Good luck to everyone else taking part, especially my lovely cabin mates!