Book Review

Blue Lilies – Lucy Holden

Happy publication day Lucy Holden! Blue Lilies, book six in the fabulous Nightgarden Saga is released today. Many thanks also Lucy for entrusting me with an advanced copy of this book


Time. Truth. Tears.

Everything has led to this moment. Harper thought she was ready. But now everything is different. Everything she fought to protect is lost in time. Her greatest enemy is her only friend. And Harper is no longer the girl she once was.


Blue Lilies is the penultimate book in the Nightgarden Saga, and as happy as I always am to have a new book in the series to read, each book also makes me a little sad as the end of the series draws ever nearer.

There is a lot of information to take in at the start of this book, before the story really gets going, but it was so interesting that it didn’t just feel like an information dump. In fact, I found it so fascinating that it left me wanting more. Aside from the characters, who I think you all already know I adore, one of my favourite things about this series is the way Lucy Holden has included so much from cultures that I knew next to nothing about, and how she has managed to intertwine different mythologies so beautifully.

Where Dusky Dahlia is my favourite book in terms of the depths of emotion, Blue Lilies is perhaps the most exciting. I was completely gripped as the story built and built to the dramatic events that were coming and I devoured this book in a matter of hours. I don’t think I have ever been more glad that I already had a book’s sequel ready to read as I was when I finished Blue Lilies! Watch this space for more on that book coming soon.


Lucy Holden is a pseudonym for Paula Constant, Random House published author of Sahara and Slow Journey South and indie author of the Visigoths of Spain historical fiction series. The Nightgarden Saga is Paula’s first foray into YA/NA paranormal romance.

Lucy Holden is Paula’s alter ego. She is a romantic tragic and has a deep fascination for all things supernatural. Starting with Anne Rice as a teenager, Paula has read her way through the vampire panoply. Her passion for the supernatural is so ingrained, she can recite whole scenes from The Vampire Diaries.

Her favourite thing in the world to do is sit on Cable Beach at midnight under a full moon with a glass of wine, something she gets to do almost every month not that she lives in the tropical North West town of Broome, Australia.

While off work with a broken leg, Paula wrote the entire Nightgarden Saga and now has plans for two related series set in the same world.





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