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The Rhythm of My Soul – Elin Dyer

For today’s review, I am taking a look at the first book in the Roseheart Ballet Academy series by Elin Dyer.


Welcome to Roseheart Ballet Academy, where the best dancers have the biggest secrets…

Taryn Foster has her eyes set on becoming the first aro-ace ballerina in the academy’s company of professional dancers, and all she needs to do is graduate. But she’s haunted by the ghost of her dead sister—and now she’s living for the two of them.

Teddy Walker has a serious illness. But he’s determined to hide how ill he is and continue dancing—even if it kills him.

Jaidev Ngo was arrested the last time he danced. Now, he’s having a new start at Roseheart Academy, but someone here knows about his past—and that person wants revenge.

The Rhythm of My Soul is book one in Elin Dyer’s new YA ballet series, where even the darkest secrets will be discovered. Please note this book contains eating disorder representation which some readers may find triggering.


As a big fan of Madeline Dyer’s Untamed series, I was keen to read this book by her alter ego Elin Dyer as she ventures into new genres and steps away from dystopian fiction. The Rhythm Of My Soul sees a move into YA/NA fiction with more than a hint of a thriller about it.

Elin Dyer presents a beautifully diverse cast of characters, and I loved the own voices representation across a number of different aspects in terms of sexuality and chronic illness.

I love watching ballet and whilst I am by no means an expert, it was clear that Dyer had done her research and I was swept away by the descriptions of the performances, whether on stage or in rehearsals. Both the academy and the company were brought to life beautifully, making me wish that I could be a part of their world.

The Rhythm Of My Soul is the start of what promises to be an engrossing new series and I look forward to book two.

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