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The Leviathan – Rosie Andrews

Today I have a wonderfully atmospheric book to share with you all in the form of The Leviathan by Rosie Andrews. Many thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for my copy of the book which I received via NetGalley.


The most beguiling debut of 2022, perfect for fans of The Essex Serpent, The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock and The Binding.
She is awake…

Norfolk, 1643. With civil war tearing England apart, reluctant soldier Thomas Treadwater is summoned home by his sister, who accuses a new servant of improper conduct with their widowed father. By the time Thomas returns home, his father is insensible, felled by a stroke, and their new servant is in prison, facing charges of witchcraft.

Thomas prides himself on being a rational, modern man, but as he unravels the mystery of what has happened, he uncovers not a tale of superstition but something dark and ancient, linked to a shipwreck years before.

Something has awoken, and now it will not rest.

Richly researched, incredibly atmospheric, and deliciously unsettling, The Leviathan is set in England during a time of political turbulence and religious zealotry. It is a tale of family and loyalty, superstition and sacrifice, but most of all it is a spellbinding story of impossible things.


In The Leviathan, Rosie Andrews has created a wonderfully rich book with the feel of a classic gothic horror. The story unfolds in the mid 1600s with shorter chapters from the early 1700s offering a tantalising glimpse of something dark and dangerous imprisoned in Thomas’s attic.

I have a fascination with the witch-hunters and trials of British history which is why this book appealed. However, The Leviathan is so much more than your average book about witch trials. There is a great attention to detail throughout the book, and the truth behind the darkness that Thomas must face is beautifully crafted.

If this is what Rosie Andrews has written as her debut, I can’t wait to see what she has to offer us next.

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