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Everyone here already knows that I am a huge fantasy fan, so I was delighted to be asked to be part of the SFFRomFest to help launch a very exciting new podcast that celebrates SFF Romance. You might have seen that I have been taking part in the SFFRomFest Insta Challenge this month – I would love to see all your photos for each day’s challenge. Just use #SFFRomFest and #Bookstagram to join in, and don’t forget to follow @SFFRomCast on Instagram and Twitter.

As part of the festivities, myself and some of my fellow book bloggers have been answering a few questions about our love of SFF Romance. Here are my answers – it would be great to hear what your answers would be too.

What has been your favourite SFF Romance from 2021 so far?

Oh that is a tough one! I don’t think I can choose just one! I have just finished Red Magnolia, the first book in Lucy Holden’s YA series, the Nightgarden Saga, and I absolutely loved that. But then there is Stephanie Garber’s Once Upon a Broken Heart which was amazing – Caraval is one of my all time favourite series, and this spin off did not disappoint! Cassandra Clare is an author that everything else in my life stops for, so Chain of Iron also has to get a mention. Clara O’Connor’s Once and Future Queen series I devoured in its entirety this year, and I would highly recommend it to fans of British history as it offers a very alternative spin on what life could have been like if certain things had been different. All of these books were 5* reads for me.

Which subgenre of SFF Romance do you tend to read most of and what do you love about it?

I lean more towards fantasy than sci-fi, and then more towards YA and urban fantasy than the epics (although I do love the occasional epic fantasy). I think it is the idea of there being something other, something tucked just out of sight in the world we live in that appeals more than being transported to a completely different world. I love the idea of being in the know about things that normal people, or “mundanes” as Cassandra Clare would call them in her Shadowhunter Chronicles series (one of my favourites), are totally blind to, be that magic, or vampires, or shapeshifters, or any paranormal being (not zombies, I can’t cope with zombies – are zombie romance books even a thing?). 

What was the first SFF Romance you can remember reading?

I’m not sure if everyone would consider this as SFF Romance, but for me it was Prince Caspian by C.S. Lewis – the hint of romance between Susan and Caspian really had me hooked, even more so when the film was made and the delicious Ben Barnes was cast as Caspian. Then, after an interval of more years than I care to think about, it was probably the Twilight books.

What SFF Romance do you always recommend?

It depends on who I am making the recommendation to. If I know they like their romance on the spicy side, then it has to be the Blood Web Chronicles by the fabulous Caedis Knight. I love the richness of their locations, and the diverse nature of their characters, plus their covers are absolutely stunning. They are quite wild though, so for more conservative readers, I would perhaps go for something like Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, or the spin off book, Time’s Convert.

What SFF Romance is next on your TBR pile?

I haven’t entirely decided yet, but I think it will be either ghostly romance, The Wanderer, by Josie Williams or Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco (I am hoping for some romance in this one anyway with a certain Prince of Hell). I might have to toss a coin to decide!

The other blogs taking part are shown below – head on over to read their answers to these questions.

To celebrate the launch of their podcast on 13th October, SFFRomCast have teamed up with Words & Kisses to offer a fabulous giveaway. They will be running a competition to win three book bundles and all you have to do to enter is head over to @SFFRomCast on Twitter and follow the instructions in their pinned tweet.

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