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Twisted Roots – A.G. Parker

Today, I am reviewing Twisted Roots, the debut novel by the talented writer and altogether awesome human, A.G. Parker.


Oh, if trees could lick their lips…

White lies and good intentions have paved the way for Laela’s untamed magic to bleed into the land, resurrecting a terrible power intent on vengeance.

Haunted by dreams of a skeletal tree, Laela lives on the outskirts of a village shrouded in secrets. Her mother died hoping to free Laela from a life of duty. Instead, she denied her the chance to know the magic of her bloodline – and the reality of the horrors they were tasked to guard.

When her dark and violent history begins to unravel, Laela must reclaim her magic – and uncover the truth of her origin – before the mist and wickedness destroy everything she loves.

But Laela’s path is steeped in betrayal, and overcoming evil may not be as easy as killing it…

If you enjoyed Aiden Thomas’s Cemetery Boys, Victoria Lee’s The Fever King, and Vylar Kaftan’s Her Silhouette, Drawn in Water, you’ll love Twisted Roots – a dark contemporary fantasy, which weaves together the stories of Laela and her vengeful counterpart, the Witch, in a story of redemption and compassion.


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I have had the privilege to have met A.G. Parker, and to have read their previously published poetry and fiction, and as such I was very much looking forward to reading their debut novel. As a poet, it is no surprise that A.G. Parker’s writing style is wonderfully lyrical, and I was captivated by it from the very first sentence. Twisted Roots is sinister and atmospheric, and at times sent a shiver down my spine. Laela’s dreams, in particular, would be terrifying to experience and not be able to wake up from.

A.G. Parker has created a unique magic system, with no easy answers or quick fixes. Whilst Laela has her Aunt Lorna as a mentor of sorts, most of what she needs to discover she has to do on her own, and I loved this aspect of it. There is a lot more to Laela’s journey into her family history than meets the eye, and the slow peeling back of the layers kept my anticipation levels high and my attention gripped throughout the book.

There are aspects of this book that made me smile, not least of which was a rather impressive cat, and aspects that made my stomach lurch with pain and sadness. It is a thoughtfully written book which entwines important messages about disability and mental health throughout the story. I am very much looking forward to whatever comes next from A.G. Parker.


George Parker is a London-based author, editor, and Best of the Net nominated poet. Their debut dark fantasy novel Twisted Roots is out now! Their poetry, fiction, and essays have been featured in various publications, including Mslexia, The Feminist Library’s Queer Zine, Ogma, Mooky Chick, The F-Word, Elevator Stories, Gothic Nature Journal, Prismatica, Sufi Journal, Sage Cigarettes, Earth Pathways, A Writer in Morocco, and more. Their craft essay about disability representation in fiction features in Human/Kind Press’ anthology Musing the Margins. They performed their poem Stepping Off the Gender Wagon as part of ELOP’s IDAHOBIT 2021 event and vigil. 

As a pansexual, genderqueer and disabled writer, they hope their work offers readers an inclusive perspective.

They are the English Language Editor for Angeprangert! and a staff reader at Prismatica Magazine. They run A Wave in the Heart: Poetic Connection, and Sacred Anarchy: Writing the Roots, mindful writing workshops that encourages people to explore and develop a connection with Self through creativity. They love spoken word nights, and even a cheeky slam. 

When they’re not writing or teaching, they offer editorial services and mentoring to other authors and poets. Services include structural and content editing, proofreading and submission package editing. If you’re interested in working with George, please get in touch. They’d love to hear from you. 

To unwind, they enjoy hedgewitchery. Will read your tarot for a price.






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