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Bubblegum and Blazers – Isabella May

I am delighted to welcome one of my favourite authors back to my blog today as I join the blog tour for Isabella May’s Bubblegum and Blazers. Many thanks to Isabella for providing me with a copy of the book, and to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of the tour.


When Ali, Blake, Charlotte, and Grant sign contracts to star in a Back to School reality TV show, LOVE is the very last thing on their minds.

Ali flies to the UK from New Zealand, intrigued by the golden opportunity to advance her amateur social media influencer career.

Blake carpe diems the moment with both hands after a constant flurry of bad luck.

Charlotte jumps at the chance to relive her sporting glories of the past – and take a hiatus from her humdrum marriage.

And Grant is just relieved to get away from his failing second-hand music shop.

But once the advances hit their bank accounts, it soon becomes apparent that producer Jock’s Pied Piper-style offer to change their lives is distinctly lacking in sherbet fizz!

In fact, the only sweet thing about this gig for the former students and the rest of their Bubblegum and Blazers competitors, may just be the packet of candy in their pockets.

Re-enacting their past is a rollercoaster of revelations, retaliation, and unlikely romance in a gold-fish bowl of mayhem where Raphael (Agony Uncle of the school sweet shop) and his rhubarb and custards reign supreme…


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Isabella May’s books always come with delicious looking covers, and a delectable array of hunger inducing food references throughout. After getting caught without appropriate supplies when reading The Chocolate Box, this time I was ready with a box of Hotel Chocolat treats, and Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne truffles. Not that they stopped a sudden craving for flying saucers though! I am going to have to track some down as soon as possible! The sweet treats in the Sugar Shack took me straight back to my own teen years, and the delight of the Woolies pick n mix – although I am not sure I would enjoy some of the “side effects” that Raphael’s sweets seem to come with.

Isabella May has a talent for creating rich and varied casts, and as we met each character and were introduced to their serious amounts of baggage, I knew we were heading towards a spectacular fallout as old relationships were rekindled and new alliances formed. It was great to catch up with one or two familiar faces too. Over the course of the book, I fell for characters I hadn’t expected to and took against ones I thought I would love. I will let you make your own judgements on each of them without further influence from me, except to say that I have high hopes that Jock’s comments at the end of the book mean that Raphael will be popping up in a future book (hint, hint Isabella – I need to know more about this sweet seller).

There is always something warm and comforting about Isabella May’s books, and Bubblegum and Blazers is no exception. I always finish reading with a feeling that I have found a new group of friends, and with an urge to head off for a holiday in Glastonbury. With summer upon us, and the suggestion of holidays on the horizon, Bubblegum and Blazers is the perfect book to relax with and forget the stresses and strains of the world.

If you aren’t already following Isabella on Facebook, I highly recommend looking her up – we had such a blast at the virtual book launch for this book. It was a real trip down memory lane!


Isabella Doorstep Pav Pose (1) (1)Isabella May lives in (mostly) sunny Andalusia, Spain with her husband, daughter and son, creatively inspired by the mountains and the sea. Having grown up on Glastonbury’s ley lines however, she’s unable to completely shake off her spiritual inner child, and is a Law of Attraction fanatic, as well as a Pranic Healer.

After a degree in Modern Languages and European Studies at UWE, Bristol (and a year working abroad in Bordeaux and Stuttgart), Isabella bagged an extremely jammy and fascinating job in children’s publishing… selling foreign rights for novelty, board, pop-up and non-fiction books all over the world; in every language from Icelandic to Korean, Bahasa Indonesian to Papiamento!

All of which has fuelled her curiosity and love of international food and travel – both feature extensively in her cross-genre novels, fused with a dollop of romcom, and a sprinkle of magical realism.






Don’t forget to visit the other blogs taking part on the tour to read more about this fab book.

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