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Black River – Joss Stirling

Earlier this year, I took part in the One More Chapter readalong, for Black River, the first book in the exciting new Jess Bridges Mystery series by Joss Stirling. Today I am sharing my review of this great book with you all. Many thanks to Joss, and to One More Chapter, for my copy of the book, which I received via NetGalley.




Black River is a book that makes me very happy indeed! I love a good crime series, and as I read this book, I knew that I had found a brand new one to immerse myself in. In fact, as soon as I had finished reading this book, I leapt straight into the next two (so glad they were released so close together as I am not a patient person when it comes to waiting for books!)

Jess Bridges is quite simply a brilliant character. She is chaotic and headstrong, and throws herself into her work wholeheartedly – although sometimes without fully thinking about the consequences. I love her dry, often self-deprecating humour, and her unconventional relationships with her exes and/or their families.

Jess has various men in her life for one reason or another, and whilst I liked each of these characters, it was Leo George who stole my heart. He is exactly the kind of policeman that you would want investigating if you were the victim of a crime. His garden sounds idyllic, and I loved that Joss Stirling included this to give us a glimpse of the man behind the uniform, so to speak.

Black River is a book that makes me long to visit Oxford again to explore its streets and investigate some of the locations described in the book, although the chances of you catching me wild swimming are very slim!

I absolutely loved this book, and the two that follow it – I will be reviewing both of these in the coming days, so watch this space!

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