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Sirens of Los Angeles – Caedis Knight

On 31st October, I had the honour of kicking off the blog tour for Vampires of Moscow, book one of the Blood Web Chronicles by the fabulous Caedis Knight (read my review of the hottest vamps on the block HERE). The paperback of Vampires of Moscow is released today, so I thought what better time to introduce you all to the sexy Sirens of Los Angeles, the prequel novella that accompanies the series.


Find out how Saskia de la Cruz became a reporter for paranormal newspaper The Blood Web Chronicle in this delicious prequel novella.

Saskia is a Verity Witch – her only magic being that she can tell the truth from a lie.

When she sets off for the glitzy shores of Malibu to spend spring break with her sister Mikayla, her one goal is to forget her university worries and issues with outdated witch hierarchies, and drown them in surfer six-packs and tequila cocktails.

But when local influencers and male models start washing up ashore, drained of their youth, Saskia knows something wicked dwells in the deep. Which is perfectly fine because she plans on staying the hell away from the water! That is until her powerful, siren-obsessed sister disappears, and the search leads Saskia deeper than she ever thought possible.

Accompanied by beautiful but suspicious surfers Eden and Zee, Saskia will have to travel for her answers to the home of Hollywood’s vainest residents – the ocean floor.

With vibrant characters, page-turning suspense and steamy romance, this new series has been described by internationally renown author, Anna Day, as “Addictive, sexy and wickedly funny.”

Co-authored by established fantasy authors Jacqueline Silvester and N.J Simmonds, Blood Web Chronicles prequel novella Sirens of Los Angeles is perfect for fans of Crescent City, True Blood and Veronica Mars.


Sirens of Los Angeles – Amazon UK

Vampires of Moscow – Amazon UK

Sirens of Los Angeles – Amazon US

Vampires of Moscow – Amazon US

2Sirens in L.A final


Although I am reviewing this after Vampires of Moscow, I actually read Sirens first, and I would recommend that you do the same. It sets the series up beautifully, and actually, to me it felt like the pilot episode for a TV show that you just know is going to be picked up for a full run (and hopefully for many, many future seasons). Sirens of Los Angeles is small but perfectly formed. It is full of dry humour and gives you just enough insight to Saskia’s crazy world and her messy family dynamics to completely hook you in to the series.

I must admit that while I have read plenty of books with vamps and werewolves, sirens were a group of paras that I knew little about. If all sirens are like the ones residing in Los Angeles, then I want to know more.  Forget sweet fairy tale mermaids, these paras are hot enough to melt the polar ice caps.

Sirens of Los Angeles left me wanting more, and I can’t wait to see what provocative paranormals Caedis Knight introduce us to next!


Caedis Knight (Jacqueline Silvester and N J Simmonds)Caedis Knight is the pen name of two established fantasy authors, Jacqueline Silvester and N J Simmonds.

Silvester began her career in screenwriting and lived all over the world before going on to pen her highly successful YA series, Wunderkids.

Spanish Londoner Simmonds’ background was originally in marketing before writing her fantasy series The Indigo Chronicles, along with various Manga stories and writing collaborations.

Together, they created Blood Web Chronicles – their first paranormal romance series set in Europe. Great friends and avid travellers, you can find them whizzing between one another’s homes in Germany and the Netherlands, or having Zoom calls to excitedly plot Saskia’s next humorous sexy adventure.






The ladies are revealing the title and cover of the second book in the series across their social media at 2:00 PM UK time today – make sure you tune in, because you do not want to miss seeing this!

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