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Resurrection Men – David Craig

Today I am joining the blog tour for the supernatural fantasy, Resurrection Men, by David Craig. Many thanks to David for providing me with a copy of the book, and to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to take part in the tour.


Glasgow 1893.

Wilton Hunt, a student, and Tam Foley, a laudanum-addicted pharmacist, are pursuing extra-curricular careers as body snatchers, or ‘resurrection men’, under cover of darkness. They exhume a girl’s corpse, only for it to disappear while their backs are turned. Confused and in need of the money the body would have earnt them, they investigate the corpse’s disappearance. They discover that bodies have started to turn up in the area with ripped-out throats and severe loss of blood, although not the one they lost. The police are being encouraged by powerful people to look the other way, and the deaths are going unreported by the press. As Hunt and Foley delve beneath the veneer of respectable society, they find themselves entangled in a dangerous underworld that is protected from scrutiny by the rich and powerful members of the elite but secretive Sooty Feathers Club.

Meanwhile, a mysterious circus arrives in the middle of the night, summoned to help avenge a betrayal two centuries old…


Elsewhen Press

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Resurrection Men Cover


As the first book in the Sooty Feathers series, Resurrection Men gets off to an enthralling start with the night time arrival of the mysterious Carpathian circus. Nothing winners me over to a book quicker than a strange circus. Although it appears normal to the innocent bystander, as day turns to night a very different set of performers take over at the circus, luring spectators away from the bright lights.

Resurrection Men is a book that offers so much for fans of so many different genres. Part gothic horror, part urban fantasy, and at times part dark comedy, the humour primarily coming from the reactions of Hunt and Foley to the situation they find themselves in, it also offers all the twists and turns of a modern day thriller. It is truly a book that refuses to be pigeonholed.

Shady characters, secret societies and the last vestiges of the Knights Templar make up an eccentric cast, which is completed by two body snatchers, Hunt and Foley, who are seemingly scared by their chosen profession in a way that makes them strangely endearing.

With the surprises coming right to the very last page, I am excited to see what happens in book two!


Resurrection Men - me2

Aside from three months living on an oil tanker sailing back and forth between America and Africa, and two years living in a pub, David Craig grew up on the west coast of Scotland. He studied Software Engineering at university, but lost interest in the subject after (and admittedly prior to) graduation. He currently works as a strategic workforce planning analyst for a public service contact centre, and lives near Glasgow with his wife, daughter and two rabbits.

Being a published writer had been a life-long dream, and one that he was delighted to finally realise with his debut novel, Resurrection Men, the first in the Sooty Feathers series, published by Elsewhen Press in 2018. Thorns of a Black Rose was David’s second novel, also published by Elsewhen Press. He returns to the Sooty Feathers series with Lord of the Hunt.





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