Book Review

Mix Tape – Jane Sanderson

Come with me on a musical journey as I review Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson. My thanks to Jane, and to Penguin Random House, for providing me with a copy of the book which I received via NetGalley.



My friends will tell you that I am not a massive reader of women’s fiction, especially when it leans towards romance. Books from this genre have to have that little something different about them to catch my eye, and with Mix Tape it was my own love of music that made me want to read on. I come from the generation who would spend Sunday nights waiting patiently for their favourite song to come up in the Top 40, fingers poised on the record button on the stereo, so growing up, I was all about the mix tape. Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Mix Tape comes with its very own Spotify playlist (which then led me on a voyage of discovery of other books with their own playlists).

I loved the combination of changes in point of view and flashbacks that make up Mix Tape, with Dan and Ali each having a distinctive voice that you can see change throughout their experiences. The carefully selected songs that they send each other are a mixture of both shared memories and of where their lives are currently at, and this simple, yet heartfelt, communication is beautifully curated by the author.

As the story unfolded and long held secrets were revealed, I found I was really rooting for Dan and Ali to have their happily ever after together, and this led to a really strong dislike for both Katelin and Michael, even though they had really done nothing wrong apart from getting in the way of what I wanted to happen.

I fell in love with the entire premise of this book, and I will be keeping an eye out for more from Jane Sanderson in the future.


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