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Landsliding – Mandy Jameson

Today I am joining the blog tour for women’s fiction novel, Landsliding, by Mandy Jameson. Many thanks to Mandy for providing me with a copy of the book, and to Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of the tour.


We all have secrets, but some of our secrets are darker than others…

When Julia’s husband leaves her, and their small son Matty, to live with another woman, her friends – especially Caroline and Vick – rally round to help. But when Julia starts a new relationship after a chance meeting, her friends are not quite as supportive.

Julia sees Brendan, the quietly spoken IT guy who comes round to fix her computer, as a loving and protective man and – as time passes – a potential father figure for Matty. Caroline and Vick, on the other hand, see him as jealous, controlling and potentially dangerous. He appears to be a man with a secret past.

What her friends don’t know is that Julia has secrets of her own and, if they get out, they will almost certainly shatter her fragile domestic bliss.

Landsliding is a compelling drama that turns your expectations on their head with a subtle twist to leave you wondering where your sympathies truly lie.



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For some reason, prior to starting to read Landsliding, I had convinced myself that it was a psychological thriller. It’s not, and I have no idea where I got that impression from. Despite me getting a very different book from what I was expecting, I was still completely gripped by this cleverly crafted story.

Told largely through the points of view of Julia and Caroline, we are introduced to two very different women, with equally different perspectives on the story they are telling. Whilst Julia seemed strangely detached telling her version of events, Caroline’s version was told in a much chattier style, and I could easily picture her standing on the school playground delighting in sharing the gossip with the other mums. Switching to telling Brendan’s account in the third person was a clever way to ensure that his past remained hidden. Not being able to see fully inside his head also meant that I was swinging from thinking he was sweet and vulnerable, almost fragile, one minute to deciding he was a paranoid, violent man the next.

Landsliding covers some very sensitive subjects, but rather than them being gratuitously included for shock value, Mandy Jameson has handled them delicately, and shows just how far-reaching and emotionally damaging a traumatic childhood experience can be.

As the book moved towards its climax, I found I was holding my breath, waiting to discover what was going to happen, and just how many secrets were going to be revealed. Right to the very end, there was more and more to uncover, and some of the revelations chilled me to my core.


Mandy JamesonOriginally from Manchester, Mandy Jameson spent ten years living in southwest France where Landsliding, her first novel, was written with the encouragement of a prolific writing group.

Now settled in Sussex with her daughter, her passions include football, chocolate and walking on the Downs.

She is working on her second novel.




Don’t forget to visit the other website taking part in the tour to find out more about this book.

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