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This Vicious Way – Madeline Dyer

Happy publication to Madeline Dyer, as This Vicious Way, the latest novel set in her Untamed world is released today.



Aged five, Inga was snatched from her sister’s arms by Bridie’s Assassins, a group of Untamed rebels who believe the way to win the War of Humanity is to use more Untamed children as soldiers. For seven years, Inga’s life consisted of violence, exploitation, and death as they shaped her into their most deadly weapon. Then she escaped.

Now twenty-one, Inga has spent the last six years seeking revenge on the assassins—using the skills they taught her against them—and trying to find her family. She knows the Gods and Goddesses are behind her, because with every assassin she murders, Inga’s gifted with a vision of her cousins, Keelie and Elf. And soon—very soon—Inga is sure she will find her family again. She’s just got to kill all the assassins first.

But when she discovers her own sister is now leading the assassins, Inga’s resolve is tested. Sure, she will stop at nothing to get the life she deserves—even if it means putting other Untamed in danger and losing herself—but can she kill her own flesh and blood?

“Madeline Dyer’s This Vicious Way is an unyielding exploration into the motivations of a young assassin. Inga’s determination to end the cycle of abuse that shaped her life makes for a gritty, heartbreaking, and captivating story.” — Sarah Mensinga, author of Currently

“This Vicious Way is brutal in all the best ways. It will suck you in and tear you apart, put you back together and then do it all over again. What a ride! If you want a fantastic dystopian world, with unique and flawed (but totally kickass) characters– this is totally the book for you.” — Stacey Trombley, author of Trial of Thorns



As you have probably released by now, I am a huge fan of Madeline Dyer’s writing, and particularly the books set in her Untamed world, and I devour them the very second that I can get my hands on them. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of This Vicious Way, and I honestly think this is the best book yet. I couldn’t read it fast enough. If you haven’t read any of the previous books set in this world, and This Vicious Way is the first one you pick up, it really doesn’t matter as it works perfectly as a standalone book and does not have to be read in conjunction with the others (although I would encourage you to read them all because they are great.

This Vicious Way is the darkest of Madeline’s books to date, and opens up a side to the Untamed world that we haven’t seen before, where instead of it being Enhanced against Untamed it is Untamed against Untamed. As the sixth book set in the Untamed world, this struck me as an interesting way to keep the story fresh, and shows that things aren’t always black and white.

The way the story unfolds switching between current day and flashbacks adds a depth to the main characters, as a picture of what led them to become the people they are today slowly reveals itself. Having two starkly different female lead characters who have developed in such contrasting ways, despite their shared childhood experiences, made this book a really interesting read.

As with all good books, there is the one character you love from the second you meet them, and the one you find that you love to hate. For me, these characters were Amelia and Falkes respectively, Amelia for her warmth and acceptance of Inga, and Falkes because as much he was a hateful specimen, I found I had a grudging respect for him and the motivation behind some of his actions.

This is a fast-paced, action-packed book, but at the same time manages to be deeply emotional, and at times completely heart-breaking. Madeline’s books just get better and better, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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