Book Blogger Hop – 07.02.2020

It’s Friday again, and that can only mean that it’s Book Blogger Hop time! This week’s question comes from Billy at Coffee Addicted Writer.

What were some of the most memorable books you read as a child? What made them memorable?


For me, a lot of the books I remember most from my childhood, it is the memories surrounding them that stay with me more than the content of the books themselves. For example, one of my earliest memories is of my dad reading Wind in the Willows to me when I was about three years old – I didn’t see much of him back then because he was usually gone for work before I was awake and didn’t get home until after I had gone to bed, but one night a week, my mum had night school, so he had to be home early. That one night each week was our time, just the two of us, and we slowly made our way through the book. In all honesty, I don’t remember much of the story, except that Ratty was my favourite character and I couldn’t stand Toad, but I will always remember him reading it to me.3703648829_7802a2b2a2

The same can be said for The Night Before Christmas. This was another tradition I had with my dad. He would read it to me before bed every Christmas Eve while Mum prepped the veggies for Christmas Day, and then we would set out a mince pie and a brandy for Father Christmas, and a carrot for Rudolph. I have to confess, I made Dad read this to me long after I was capable of reading it myself. It is one of the few poems that I can recite by heart, and even now, I read it every Christmas.


The first “proper” books (i.e. ones without pictures) that I remember reading on my own are the Famous Five books and the Chronicles of Narnia. My best friend is a devoted reader, and our book geekery unites us to this day, more than thirty years since we discovered the joy of books. We both adored C.S. Lewis and Enid Blyton and were always swapping books and talking about the stories in them, before making up our own adventures that we acted out in our back gardens, each taking the role of one of the much loved characters. To be fair, we still spend most of our time talking about books, just with less of the garden dramatics!


I have such great memories surrounding the books of my childhood. I would love to hear some of your memories too.


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