Book Blogger Hop – 24.01.20

For this week’s Book Blogger Hop, we have a question submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews.

Do you talk to strangers about books especially when you see someone reading a book?

Book Blogger Hop 

Generally, my answer to this question would be no – I try to avoid talking to people as much as possible, especially people I don’t know. I will always remember one night though, I was on the last train home from London and thought I would have the seats right by the guard carriage all to myself when three drunk men got on and joined me. I was trying to read my book quietly, being a little intoxicated myself and not wanting to nod off and miss my stop, but with these chaps that was never going to happen. One of them would not leave me alone until I read him some of my book – was it something highbrow that would make me look sophisticated and intelligent? No. It was one of the Sookie Stackhouse books! I think if I hadn’t had the book to focus on I would have felt quite intimidated but because we could use that as a conversation opener, it was almost a shield, and ended up being quite a fun journey.


How about you? Do you talk to strangers about books?

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