Captive – Madeline Dyer

Some (hopefully all) of you will have seen my review of Captive, a collection of poetry by Madeline Dyer, a few days ago, and will know how moved I was by the poems. If you missed it, you can find all the details here. Today, I am honoured to be joining the blog tour for the book, and to have the privilege of sharing one of Madeline’s poems with you.

Drowning and Melting

My feet are cold candles on the beach,
and my eyes are teapots,
and I see things I shouldn’t see,
because my vision is twice and nothing is right
when the monster dances in my brain.

And why won’t the doctors extinguish
the fire that burns my veins until the tubes wilt?
Because now I am drowning and melting
as I dance between worlds waving my flags,
trying to be noticed among all the crying girls.


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