2019 Round Up

As we enter a new year, it can only mean one thing for book bloggers. It’s time to share your top ten reads of 2019. I have read so many amazing books this year, and have really struggled to pick my favourites. I will confess to cheating slightly this year and including a series of books as one entry, rather than listing each book individually, just so I can sneak a few extra books onto my chart (plus, my top ten is actually a top twelve because even sneaking in a series as one entry, I just couldn’t get to just ten – I really tried, but there were just too many great books this year).

First up in my top twelve are books that I reviewed as part of blog tours organised by the lovely Rachel Gilbey at Rachel’s Random Resources.

Next up are two fantastic books that I reviewed for blog tours arranged by the wonderful Anne Cater at Random Things Blog Tours (as an aside, not only is The Stranger’s Guide to Talliston a brilliant book, it is also one of the most beautiful books in my possession).

Hot on the heels of my blog tour favourites come two very different, but equally brilliant, books that I was lucky enough to receive from NetGalley. The Binding is one of my all time favourite books and just as soon as I can find the words to adequately describe it, I promise I will review it.

Next on my list come the books that have either been recommended or gifted to me by my gorgeous bookworm buddies.

And last, but most certainly not least come books from two of my favourite authors, the ones belong to that special list of authors that I don’t even bother reading the blurb before buying their books because I know I will love them.

There’s a couple there that need a long overdue review, so watch this space for more information coming soon.

What books would make your top ten for last year?

There are some great sounding books due out in 2020, so I am anticipating some more tough decisions this time next year! I look forward to sharing them all with you as the year progresses.

I already have some really exciting blog tours lined up for 2020 that I can’t wait to tell you all about, plus I am going to be clearing down my epically long NetGalley list, so there are going to be lots of reviews coming from there.

Some of you may remember that way back in January 2019, I joined some of my Fiction Cafe friends in a decision to have a “book piggy bank” where we would deposit a certain amount of money each time we finished a book, and then at the end of the year we would have a lovely fund for new books. I decided to pop a £1 in per book, and now I have £118 to spend! The trouble is, I have no idea what books to buy. I know that I definitely want ??? but what books are your “must reads” that you think I should add to my collection?

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