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Borrowed Moonlight – Helen Slavin

What better way to finish off my Halloween reads than with my favourite witchy sisters. Borrowed Moonlight is book three in the Witch Ways series, a series that I discovered and fell in love with last year (book one even made my top ten for 2018). You can read my review of Crooked Daylight and Slow Poison, the first two books, here.

My thanks to Helen, and Agora Books, for providing me with a copy of the book via NetGalley.


Boughs bent, limbs sprang. Havoc Wood had never seemed so alive.

After a toxic Halloween wreaked havoc on the Wood, the Way sisters are left shaken. Thinking they had gained some control over their powers, now they aren’t sure they’re cut out to be the Gamekeepers.

The sisters are scared, insecure, and in no position to handle the Old Magic hovering in every corner of Woodcastle.

Ancient and electric, this new foe is always one step ahead, and The Ways must finally harness their Strengths… or risk losing one of their own.

In this third instalment of The Witch Ways series, bets are hedged, bargains are made, magic is borrowed, and debts must be paid.



When I find a series I love, I am always a bit conflicted when a new book is released. Part of me wants to lock myself away and devour it, but part of me is also a bit nervous – I mean, what if it doesn’t live up to expectations because I have built it up so much in my mind? This is exactly how I felt about Borrowed Moonlight – especially as I had been waiting almost a year to get my hands on it! Luckily, this is a good news review and I absolutely loved it!

Borrowed Moonlight picks up not long after the events of Slow Poison, and the aftershocks from Apple Day are still rippling through the community and unsettling the Way sisters. Seeing how they were each affected made the sisters seem all the more real to me – often in books it feels like whatever went on in one book is done and dusted and forgotten about by the following book, but life isn’t like that. Recovery from traumatic events takes time, and showing how each sister dealt with what had happened in their own way made me feel even more invested in them than I already was.

I had always written Vanessa Way off as a supporting character of little substance, but in this book, she really comes into her own and I loved finding out more about her, and uncovering some of the secrets of the girls history, and the strange Far North.

The Way sisters are once again faced with malevolent forces, one in the form of very old magic, and the other that appears all too human, although I strongly suspect there is more to be discovered about this particular person. The book oozes with tension, and I found I was on edge throughout. This series just seems to get better with every book.

Please write fast Helen! I need more of this series!

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