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April Book Jar

I was actually organised in April, and added my book jar reads to this post as I read them in the hope that I would at least get my experiment round up posted before the middle of May! April saw two books come out of the jar, both of which had ended up on my TBR list after I watched the TV programmes that were based on them (and also both of which seem to have had lead actresses cast who don’t look an awful lot like their literary counterparts, but never mind).

32263First up was The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen, which is the first book in the Rizzoli and Isles series. Now, I love the TV series that came from these books, and I think Angie Harmon is fantastic in it. Unfortunately that did mean that it jarred a little bit every time Jane Rizzoli is referred to as being petite and not terribly attractive. Once I had got used to that though, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. It was hard-hitting, at time chilling, read and felt a lot more intense than I had expected – some of the descriptions of what happened to the victims were pretty grim. One thought that kept coming back to me was that I am not sure that the author intended this book to be the first in a series about two women – for a start, Maura Isles doesn’t appear at all, and also Jane didn’t ever really feel like the main character. For me that was more Thomas Moore, who I really liked. I am slowly collecting the whole series of books on my Kindle, so expect to hear more about them in future posts.

162085The second book from the jar was Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepherd. I was absolutely hooked on this show, and have just started watching the spin off, The Perfectionists. I am not quite so addicted to that yet, so I was pleased to pull this book out of the jar to help with my PLL withdrawal. The book threw me straight back into the world where the Liars are haunted by the mysterious A, and I was pleased to see that the TV show had stuck pretty much exactly to the script – for the first book anyway. Like the Rizzoli and Isles books, this is another series I have been collecting, so it will be popping up again, hopefully soon!


30295312April also marked the release of a book that it feels like I have been waiting for since the dawn of time! This is one of my books flagged as “Read Immediately!!!”, so the very second I got home from the bookshop I jumped straight in and didn’t emerge until I had finished the very last page. The book in question is The Red Scrolls of Magic, the latest instalment of Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles, and the first in The Eldest Curses trilogy, which focuses on my absolute favourite characters from the Chronicles, Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. This was aimed at a slightly older audience than the other books, and it was sweet, and funny, and exciting, and just filled with everything (and everybody) that I had hoped for. I had thought that The Infernal Devices would always be my favourite of the Chronicles, but I think it may have just been pushed into the number two slot.

If you want to know more about any of these books, here are the Goodreads links:

The Surgeon

Pretty Little Liars

The Red Scrolls of Magic

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