Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop 

This week’s burning question on the Book Blogger Hop is:

When reading a series, do you re-read the previous book/s before reading the newly released book?

Now you would think this would be a straightforward question wouldn’t you? But no, I like to be awkward. The answer to this question for me is, “Sometimes.” As an example, when Legendary by Stephanie Garber was due to be released, for me it was just the excuse I needed to read Caraval again (like I really needed an excuse). With the release date of Finale fast approaching, I am really hoping that I will have time to reread Caraval and Legendary back to back, and then dive straight into Finale the second I get my grubby little paws on it! Even if I don’t manage it, I fully intend to read the entire series back to back at some point in the very near future. Maybe I will do that as a little Christmas treat this year…

A lot of the series that I love, I had the fortune to discover once there were already a few books out, so I could satisfy my binge reading tendencies that way – this was the case for Harry Potter, Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse books, The Wolves of Mercy Falls, the Raven Cycle. All of these had at least three books out before I started my love affair with them all. Of course, once I had run out of the already published books and had to wait for the next instalment, it was absolute torture.

One of my absolute favourite series is Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles. I struck really lucky there because by the time I started reading, there were eleven books already out in the world. I was in heaven. Of course since then it has been an unbearable wait between books, particularly given Ms Clare’s penchant for a cliffhanger ending. Now, book sixteen (I think) from the chronicles was released this week so I am back in my happy place for a while. Whilst this is a series that I would love to reread for a recap before each new book comes out, there are just too many other books out there that I haven’t read once yet, and it’s just not practical! That said, once they are all finally released, I will be going into full hibernation mode to read the whole lot, so if in a few years time you release that you haven’t heard from me in a while, please send chocolate and coffee – I’ll be under a blanket with my library.


What about you? Do you reread before a new instalment of your favourite series is released?

Thanks as always to Coffee Addicted Writer for looking after the hop and thanks to Paperback Princess for this week’s question.


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