Camp NaNo – Week One

Here we go – it’s time for the first camp of the year. For anyone who doesn’t know about Camp NaNo, you can read more about it here.


  • Project set up – check
  • Notebooks and pens – check
  • Coffee – check
  • Snacks – check
  • Cabin mates – hell yeah!

Once again, I am bunking up with my fellow Fiction Cafe writers and we have been busy prepping and swapping notes for the past few weeks now. I feel incredibly lucky to have such an amazing support group in my corner.


The thing with camp is that anything goes, and as such I find it so much more chilled and less stressful than November NaNo. Because anything goes, I have set myself a target based on hours rather than word count because I am officially making the switch from pantser to planner. Up until now, I have attempted to just write and see where the story takes me, but I have come to the conclusion that my current WIP needs some serious world building, and so I am going to use the Spring Camp to do just that. Here is the plan:-

  • Week One
    • Complete fantasy writing course
    • Read at least one of my many research books
    • Complete my human character profiles
  • Week Two
    • Complete beginners world building course
    • Read a second research book
    • Develop my human world
  • Week Three
    • Start in depth world building course
    • You’ve guessed it – read another research book
    • Start work on my non-human character profiles and non-human world
  • Week Four
    • Complete in depth world building course
    • Keep reading
    • Complete non-human character profiles and non-human world building
  • Week Five (two days)
    • Review profiles and world building to start organising scenes and plotting the action

I am aiming for at least 30 hours of work over the month, but I am hoping to achieve more than that. I have a feeling that my non-human development could be a whole rabbit warren, never mind the rabbit hole! I’ll be coming back to update you each Monday. If I go quiet, please send help – and also, chocolate!

Good luck to everyone else taking part, especially my lovely cabin mates!

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