Blind Date with a Book

It’s always exciting when something book shaped drops onto your doormat (or in this case is handed to you by your postman because he couldn’t get it through the letterbox, but it’s even more exciting when you aren’t even expecting something. This is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday this week.

Picture the scene – it’s Monday and I am busy pretending to work, but really spending more time on Facebook looking at photos from an epic weekend meeting my Fiction Cafe family and a rather cryptic message pops up from my brilliant friend, K T Robson. “Pick a number between one and four,” she says. I opt for number three and then that’s it, she won’t tell me anything more about why I am picking a number, apart from the fact it is for a blog post. Well, that’s me intrigued, and a good part of the rest of the day is spent with me pondering what it could all be about.

I didn’t have to wait long. Through the miracles of the modern postal service (and it truly is a miracle how fast this happened), the very next day I received this through the post:


How pretty is that! Almost too pretty to unwrap, but of course there is a book tucked inside, so I had no choice but to unwrap it. I have always fancied trying the whole blind date with a book thing, so this was very exciting. It turns out that K T wanted to send me one, but couldn’t decide between four possible “dates” – the number I chose related to the book she was to pick for me.

So, onto the unwrapping. I was as careful as I could possibly be, wanting to prolong the anticipation:


After much string untying and careful peeling off of sellotape, this little beauty appeared. Not only does it have a gorgeous cover (how great are those colours), it is a book that I have been meaning to read for a while now. Don’t ask me how, but Malorie Blackman’s books have somehow passed me by until now, although I had heard her name a lot.


I think this might have to be one of the books that bypasses my book jar experiment and jumps straight to, “Read me now!” not least because I have just discovered that there is going to be a TV series made that is based on the book, and I am definitely a read first, watch second kind of girl.

Thank you so much K T for taking me along on your bookish blind date adventure!

Have any of you ever tried the Blind Date with a Book? What book did you discover?

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