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The Reading Journal – S.L. Grigg

I’ve got something a little different for you all today. Instead of reviewing a novel, I am reviewing a journal that is perfect for book reviewers everywhere. Many thanks to S.L. Grigg, and The Fiction Cafe for providing me with my copy of this amazing tool.


The author of Coffee Break Companion brings you the next instalment in the collection – your very own reading journal. The perfect place to record and review all your favourite books, with a few bonus extras of colouring pages, puzzles, short stories and Top 10 book lists.



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The Reading Journal is a great book, whether you are a serious book blogger, casual reviewer, or simply someone who likes to keep track of their thoughts about the books they have read. It is well presented, with oodles of space for notes on books that you have read, and lists of the books that you want to read.


I would show you the pages that I have filled in, but no one needs to see my spider scrawl.


As well as these smartly laid out, easy to use pages, The Reading Journal is filled with pages to colour in, puzzles to do, flash fiction pieces, and just what every book addict needs, lists of amazing books as recommended by the members of the amazing Fiction Cafe.

I have only just got started on filling my journal in as I make my way through my blog tour commitments and TBR list, but I already know that as soon as this one is full, I will be hurrying off to buy another one!

If you haven’t already discovered S.L. Grigg’s previous book, Coffee Break Companion, you can find out more about it and the author here.

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