The Book Jar

I spent a day over the Christmas period attempting to sort the books on my Kindle into some sort of order, and was shocked to discover that including my paper books I currently have over 500 books that I haven’t read yet! I saw a post on Facebook about book jars and thought I’d give it a go for 2018. Just in case you haven’t seen these, thehe idea is that you write the name of all the books you want to read on a slip of paper and add them all to a jar. Then, when you want to start a new book, you pick slip from the jar, and that is the book that you read next.

Pile of paper, pen, and scissors in hand, and a few hours later, this was the result:

Honestly, some of the books I have on my Kindle, I have no idea why I bought them, so I am hoping that this method of selection will make me read them.

I will keep you all updated on how this goes, and whether the method works for me and helps to reduce my TBR pile. The only exceptions to the rule will be books I have for bok tours, and a few new releases that I am very excited about from Leigh Bardugo, Emma Miles, N.J. Simmonds, Stephanie Garber, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare – there is no way I could bear to put those on the jar and sit waiting for them to reappear. These are books that demand to be read the very second that I can get my hands on them!

Wish me luck folks – I am not known for my willpower.

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