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Destroyed – Madeline Dyer

I am feeling a little bit sad today because I am here to tell you about Madeline Dyer’s latest book, Destroyed. “Why does that make you sad?” I hear you ask. Well, Destroyed is the fourth and final book in the amazing Untamed series, and now I have finished it, and have to leave the much loved characters behind, I am feeling just a little lost.

For those of you who are not familiar with the series, let me tell you a bit about it before we jump into all the juicy bits about Destroyed. The Untamed series consists of four books (Untamed, Fragemented, Divided, Destroyed) and it follows Seven Sarr and her friends and loved ones as she battles to remain Untamed, while the Enhanced, or Chosen Ones, do everything they can to hunt them down and convert them.  I will pop a separate post up shortly with all the blurbs for all the books, so that I don’t blind you with all the info here.

Alongside the series, there is also a standalone novel, set ever so slightly before the start of the series, called A Dangerous Game. I reviewed this book earlier in the year, and you can read my review here.

Right, so now you know a bit more about the series, let’s get back to why we are really here – Destroyed!


Seven Sarr, the most powerful human in the world, is alive–and she’s on the run from her enemy. With the Dream Land gone, the Gods and Goddesses dead, and the Untamed’s number of Seers at a record low, Seven knows she must attempt to control the Lost Souls–including the most volatile and dangerous spirits–if her people are to have a chance at beating the Enhanced Ones once and for all.

But when the Enhanced impose a new threat and Corin’s life is at stake, Seven must make her hardest choice: save the man she loves and let her people perish, or allow Corin’s death so the Untamed can survive.

Locked into a tight countdown to her own demise and solitary entrapment within a torturous realm, Seven must make her decision quickly. Her Seer powers are the strongest, and her death will end the War of Humanity once and for all. When the new morning dawns, the world as she knew it will be gone. What–and who–will be left behind is up to Seven.

Will her love shape the future of the world?

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Destroyed is a fitting finale to an amazing series. The Untamed series has been a rollercoaster ride from start to finish, and there is no let up through the adrenalin filled events of Destroyed. Where sometimes the final book in a series is just used to tie up the loose ends, this is in no way the case with Destroyed. The twists and turns just keep coming, and every time you think that the battle must surely be over, you find yourself thrown in a completely different direction.

It is hard to say too much with giving away spoilers, but suffice to say in this book, we really see Seven grow into the powerful woman that the Untamed need, as she unlocks her abilities and comes to terms with what she needs to do. We also see the lengths that Raleigh is prepared to go to in order to claim total control over Seven and swing the war in favour of the Enhanced.

The vivid imagery that has been present throughout Madeline’s writing continues here, as we are taken on an exploration of new lands and cultures. The worldbuilding involved in creating something so fantastical, but at the same time deeply believable is a real skill, and one that Madeline has in spades.

As sad as I am to be saying a final farewell to Seven, Corin and their friends, and even to Raleigh, I thoroughly enjoyed the way in which the series came to a head, and I loved seeing some familiar faces from the past, which really added to the sense of closure given by this book.



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30591626_2044993659121645_3880142398021435392_n (1)Madeline Dyer lives on a farm in the southwest of England, where she hangs out with her Shetland ponies and writes young adult books—sometimes, at the same time. She holds a BA Honors degree in English from the University of Exeter, and several presses have published her fiction. Madeline has a strong love for anything dystopian, ghostly, or paranormal, and she can frequently be found exploring wild places. At least one notebook is known to follow her wherever she goes.


Madeline is running a giveaway to win a complete set of the Untamed books, which you can enter here.

Keep your eyes peeled for my interview with Madeline which will be coming to a blog near you (i.e. this one) very soon – in just five days time to be precise. In the meantime, please check out all the amazing stuff on the other blogs that are joining me on this tour.

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