Book Review

The Oddest Little Book Shop – Beth Good

For round two of today’s reviews, we have…

Oddest Little_BOOK SHOP


Escape to the gorgeous seaside resort of Port Pol, where love and laughter overflow in the Cornish sunshine.

After ten long years away, television star Daisy Diamond is finally going home.

She’s not back at the gorgeous seaside resort of Port Pol in sunny Cornwall five minutes before she realises the mistake she’s made.

Her childhood sweetheart Nick Old – affectionately known as ‘Devil’ – is still living there, running the local bookshop, and he is determined to rekindle their flame.

Daisy is no longer the dewy-eyed romantic of her school days. Her life may not have gone according to plan, but she’s not afraid to show Nick how much she’s grown since he famously dumped her at the school leavers’ disco.

Even if it means bending her heart out of shape a little . . .


In my second Oddest Little review, we are heading back down to Cornwall as Daisy Diamond heads for home in an attempt to escape her new life for a while. Returning home after an absence of many years stirs up a lot of history for Daisy as she faces her demons, not least of which is Nick Old.

Once again, Beth Good manages to create a cast of characters who draw you into their world in a very short space of time as you find yourself rooting for some, and hoping that others get what is coming to them.

Of all the shops that appear in this series, I think The Devil’s Bookshop has to be my favourite. It sounds like just the sort of place I could while away a good few hours with it’s comfy seating area and wide variety of books, never mind the handsome owner. If only there was a shop like that near me…

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