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The Things We Leave Unsaid – Megan Mayfair

Today I am bringing you the touching The Things We Leave Unsaid by Megan Mayfair.


Is it the things we don’t say that haunt us the most?

Clare is anxious to start a family with adoring husband, Pete. When she takes on the seemingly simple task of obtaining her late mother’s birth certificate, she finds herself in a family history search that will challenge everything she thought she knew about her life. 

Scarred by her parents’ ill-fated marriage, Tessa lives by three rules – dating unavailable men, building her café into a food empire, and avoiding her father. However, when her carefully planned life is thrown into chaos, Tessa is forced to decide which of these rules she’s willing to break. 

As Clare and Tessa’s paths cross and their friendship grows, can they both finally unlock their family secrets in order to realise their futures?



Told from the interchanging points of view of Clare and Tessa, The Things We Leave Unsaid is a tale of three of my favourite things, good coffee, great cake, and even better friends. Although strikingly different at first glance, Clare and Tessa have a great deal in common under the surface and as they each deal with their very personal struggles in their own ways, their friendship grows.

Megan Mayfair has a warm, inviting style of writing, which brings a sensitivity to the way she tackles an array of delicate issues in this book. I have laughed and cried with her beautifully developed characters, and found myself willing each of them on to find their own definition of a happy ending.

The timing of the arrival of this book in my life was somewhat serendipitous, coming as it did at the exact time that I was witnessing the rapid decline into dementia of my beloved grandmother, to the point that when I was about three quarters of the way through the book, we were called in to the nursing home to say our goodbyes. Fortunately, this turned out to be somewhat premature. Picking this book up I did wonder if it was the right time for me to be reading it, with Tessa’s struggles with her mother being somewhat similar. However, rather than finding it difficult to read, I actually found this book to be reassuring. It made me feel a little less lost, and I will always be grateful for that.

You can buy The Things We Leave Unsaid from Amazon, here.


Megan Mayfiar

Megan Mayfair is a Melbourne-based writer who draws inspiration from her beautiful hometown and regional Victoria to create contemporary women’s fiction, containing a big dash of romance and a spoonful of family intrigue.

With a background in public relations, copywriting and higher education, Megan is passionate about words and loves to bring them to life on the page. Megan holds a Master of Arts in professional communication and is a member of Romance Writers of Australia and Writers Victoria.

Megan is married with three children, loves a good cup of coffee and believes you can never have too many scarves.






Many thanks to Megan and Rachel Gilbey from Rachel’s Random Resources for inviting me to take part in this tour and for providing me with my copy of the book.

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