Made with Love Take 2

The eagle-eyed among you would have spotted a very rare species on my blog last month – a non-book related post! I know, it’s almost unheard off, but it does happen. The post in question related to a silent auction for a beautiful handmade quilt, in aid of Home-Start Butser. Well, exciting news folks! We have found somewhere to display the quilt, so you can have a proper look at before you place your bids. It will be at Sew Creative on Lavant Street in Petersfield, before moving on to Petersfield Library. All the details can be found below, but just a couple of quick notes:-

  • Bids will only be accepted from people aged 18 or older.
  • The minimum bid we will accept is £100.
  • Payment is to be made via BACS to the Town Mayors Charity account.
  • Owing to the size of the quilt, it must be collected by the successful bidder (full details will be agreed following the notification of a successful bid). We are not able to post the quilt.
  • All personal data collected will be used for the purpose of the auction only, and will be deleted upon completion of the auction. With the possible exception of the winner’s name, with their consent, this will not be shared with any third parties.


I really would encourage you to come and take a look, because photographs just don’t do it justice. It is a work of art, and hours of work went into it (and I can sing it’s praises because I wasn’t involved in the actual making, I was just a curious observer).

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